The Pattern Shop

Bahr Brothers offers plastic,
polymer, wood and Styrofoam
patterns. There are two full-time
pattern makers complimented by
a part time set-up person. Bahr Brothers
offers a combined 50 years of professional
pattern creation and set-up.

Our Laboratory

Since 1980 Bahr Brothers has been using the latest technology to provide its clients the capability to test metal chemistry. Purchased new in 2006, the Verichek Foundry Master is capable of such analysis. To insure the proper combination of elements throughout your run, tests are run twice per batch thus providing consistent and predictable results. Four times a year, test results from the Spectrometer are sent to an accredited outside laboratory to calibrate results. Our staff of three is capable of responding to your requests with computer generated results as quickly as four hours after we receive it.

In addition to analyzing client supplied material, Bahr Brothers has a full sand lab where tests are performed weekly to insure the proper strength characteristic of the sand is maintained.

Machine Shop

Bahr Brothers specializes in the
tough jobs. We have lathes that will
swing up to 89" in diameter and
Bullards with swings up to 50" in
diameter. In addition we offer milling
capabilities and multiple drill presses
for a wide variety of applications.


Our Furnaces

In 1909 Bahr Brothers dedicated itself to making superior iron castings. At the very heart of this is the craftsmanship of mold making. We were committed then to do the best job we knew how and time has not changed this. Our staff of hardworking local professionals is dedicated to offering the best and most accurate molds in the industry. Our two 3500 pound electric induction furnaces give us the capability to tackle the short run high quality jobs you demand.

Sand Reclamation

Bahr Brothers is committed to environmental standards which are a cut above our competitors. By utilizing one 1-Ton an hour and one 1/2-Ton an hour Thermal Sand reclamation units we can eliminate downstream waste sent to landfills. Bahr Brothers is proud that we were the winner of a prestigious Governors Award for commitment to environmentally friendly methods of manufacturing.